Call in form

Use this form to qualify mortgage callers for credit repair. The form results will be emailed to you.

Incoming Call Script
Thanks for calling the mortgage center. How are you today? Allow me to ask a few questions and I can help you get started ok?
May I have your first and last name.
Are you calling to purchase or refinance a home?
Is this the best number to reach you on?
Is that a mobile phone?
State where the property is located
I will have someone call you back to go over your options to stop foreclosure.
If yes, say "We will contact you later to solve that problem."
We recommend_____________to remove those negative items from your credit report. We have worked with them for 7 years and they have helped thousands of our customers.
Is it OK if I transfer you so they can explain how the process works? OK Hold on for a moment and I will introduce you. It may take up to three minutes, so please hang on while I introduce you OK?

(Dial ##*18552550269# and wait for the agent to answer, then say "This is ____operator #____, I have _______ on the line that needs help removing ______from their credit report. The phone number is ________. Go ahead please". Hang up.
Put your email address here if you want a copy of this lead.