Cloud Dialer

Supercharge your prospecting with our Cloud Dialercredit repair prospecting


Features and Benefits

  • Skip no answer and busy tones.
  • Leave a prerecorded message on answering machines.
  • Transfer prospect to any number.
  • Keep organized notes and call records.
  • Unlimited simultaneous agents.

How the dialer works:

Once your marketing campaign is configured we will email a link that you or any number of your employees will use to register and login to the dialer.

When you start the campaign you will see this screen:


When you press “begin dialing”,  it will display the script and the name of the person you are repair leads dialer


You will hear music until the prospect answers, at which time you will hear a beep.

Read the script and click one of several choices as to the call disposition. When you hear a voice mail greeting, click the “Smart Drop”  and it will listen for the tone and leave a prerecorded message.  Click the next call button to continue.  The dialer will try the next prospect on the list.

After your campaign is finished you can get a call detail report.

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