How to repel prospects

How to repel prospects and lose customers in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Answer ALL your incoming lines with an auto attendant – make sure they think you’re a big company.

An automated attendant can be a useful tool that speeds up call processing for both you and your callers.  The error comes in when answering advertising and lead calls this way.  Automated attendants are call killers. Route ad and lead calls directly to your primary device or sales group.  This does not mean to put your cell number in ads.  Get a new phone number using a cloud phone system, like Ring Central to send a call directly to you through a hunt group. Phone numbers cost all of $5 per month and are ready instantly.

You can set up a different number for each vertical marketing channel.  As an example, we have a different line for credit repair leads and mortgage leads.  This way we already know which market the callers are in.

You can have one line for mortgage financing, another for auto financing and yet another for credit repair. Only get a new line if its justified by your marketing efforts in different verticals.

Set an announcement for the group so the callers hears “Thank you for calling _____, please hold on while I try that extension for you”.  The caller has done nothing other than dial your number.  Make sure the greeting the caller hears is specific to their interest.

On your end, your phone will ring and you hear an introduction that says “Call for______”.  When you answer the call you know where it came from and are able to answer appropriately.  Keep in mind the reason the person is calling.  Most people who are in credit repair today don’t go out looking for someone to fix their credit.  They go out looking for a house or a car and are diverted to credit repair at the point of sale.

Step 2. Leave a detailed voice mail greeting – let callers know you are too busy to help.


Explaining details of your service and mentioning that you are busy helping others are common mistakes business owners make when implementing voice mail and auto attendants.  Keep your messages and greetings short and to the point. Don’t make your potential customers listen to detailed information.  Less is more.

When it comes to the caller, encourage them to leave as much information as possible.  Your voice mail greeting should be something like this.  “we have taken note of your number and will return your call as soon as a representative becomes available, leave a detailed message so we can serve you better when we call back”. Some people don’t like to leave detailed messages but this greeting informs them that you will call back even if they don’t leave a message.

Step 3. Don’t return calls quickly – It makes you look desperate.

Leads are not like wine, they do not get better with age.  When a prospect calls you and you can’t answer the call live, a countdown begins and the race is on. Mr Prospect looks for another number that appears in a similar context.  It may take him a few seconds to call the next number on his list or may take him a week.  The real question is: how long will it take you to respond?


Automated phone technologies can help you here whether you miss a few calls or many.  Set your phone system to send you email notifications when you miss a call.  If you miss a large volume of calls use a robocall to call them back when you have the resources to answer calls.