What leads to buy?

People often ask which are the best leads to buy.  The  answer to that question has to do with your skill level, the amount of time that you can dedicate to calling leads and the amount of your budget.

If you are someone just starting out that has little experience in credit repair sales, then I would recommend that you start with old leads.  These will be between 27 and 77 cents each.  Pick the leads individually or use our bulk search tool (you must be logged in to view this page) to get leads in increments of 500 or more at a time.  Add those leads into an autodialer to call about 50 per hour or dial them manually.

If you are experienced with credit repair sales, and have more money than time, then I would recommend the real time leads.  These are delivered to you as soon as the prospect submits the information at our website and are priced from $1 – $10 each.

Set up your order to filter leads based on state, loan type, credit profile, income, home value, loan amount  (you must be logged in to view this page) and whether on not they have asked to get help to improve their credit score.