Working Old Leads

Why would you want to work old leads and whats the best way to go about doing it?

First let’s look at the obvious benefits of working old leads – cost.  If you bought leads 3 – 9 months ago and they are in your internal database it may be time to contact them again.  In this case the lead has already been originated and you have no money out of pocket.  Leads over 90 days old are available for only 27 cents each on our leads website if you don’t have your own leads.

You can buy old lead lists with 500 lead increments using our bulk search feature.  Set your loan types, states, credit profiles, lead age and maximum price per lead.

After you press search the page will show how many leads match your search and give the opportunity to add them to your cart.

What to say when you call

When you contact these people let them know that you are following up on their original inquiry made (insert month).  Ask them if they were able to accomplish the goal that was related to their original request.  If they originally inquired about purchasing a house with poor credit, ask if they were able to buy a house.  In most cases it will be “no”.  The reason is that most people don’t sign up for credit repair when they make their first inquiry.  Some do sign up and they may or may not have received good service and results. Use this as an opportunity to get them to switch to your service because of the superior level of service that you will deliver.

How to contact them

If you are going to call old leads, you need to call a lot of them to find the people who still have an interest.  I recommend sending an email and text message to all your prospects before you call.  Make it a short note and let them know you will be calling them over the next few days to follow-up on the inquiry they made in the past.

You will be able to call about 50 per hour if you use an autodialer to call.

Pick a marketing package that includes form 250 – 1000 leads with text and email messages to each as well as autodialer use to call them all.