Outbound Telemarketing Services

We are now offering outbound telemarketing service to call your leads, pre-qualify them and transfer to you or set an appointment.

We start with one of our outbound telemarketing scripts and use leads that you purchase from our database.  We then call your leads with US based telemarketers with at least  2  –  10 years experience in mortgage,  foreclosure and credit repair outbound telemarketing.

Once we get them on the phone, we verify their interest and transfer the call to you.  You only pay for the calling service, there are no other fees other than the cost of leads.

When we get their answering machine we leave a prerecorded message asking them to call you.

You specify the days and times that we make calls (subject to availability).

Choose a package below and complete your purchase.  Call 877-287-6312 for more info.

Act now, there is a limited number of telemarketers currently available.

Telemarketing  Pricing (leads sold separately):

  • 250 leads (500 call attempts)  $137.50
  • 500 leads (1000 call attempts) $269.00
  • 1000 leads (2000 call attempts) $479.00


Telemarketing packages with 15 – 29 day old leads included.

  • 250 leads and 500 calls  $330
  • 500 leads and 1000 calls  $654
  • 1000 leads and 2000 calls $1249

Leads and Telemarketing